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WCC STEM Program

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Here at the Women’s Community Center, we're excited to support and help build the emerging network of gender marginalized in STEM students, programs, and student groups on campus. In addition, we hope to provide relevant resource material and programming for all Stanford students interested in pursuing a STEM-related major and/or career.

Programs supporting Gender Marginalized students in STEM include:

  • an annual STEM Symposium for current students, first launched in 2015
  • a year-long STEM mentoring program, launched in the 2017-18 academic year, which pairs undergraduate and graduate women in STEM fields for long-term mentoring relationships
  • a STEM panel during Admit Weekend for prospective students interested in STEM, featuring current undergraduate students in STEM
  • a faculty panel during New Student Orientation featuring prominent gender marginalized faculty in STEM

To learn more about past STEM programs at the WCC, click here to read the event recaps on our Femtastic blog.

WCC STEM Mentoring Program

The WCC STEM program (formerly known as the Women in STEM Mentoring Program) matches undergraduates with current graduate students to foster community, networking and support. The program is geared towards meeting the needs of students in science, engineering, and math fields as they explore post-baccalaureate opportunities and navigate their academic journey. We host quarterly gatherings, provide opportunities for coffee chats, and share information and resources about relevant events and activities on campus. This program is a collaboration between Women’s Community Center and the Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education, with support from the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, and the Centers for Equity, Community, and Leadership.

The goals of this program are to:

  1. Make a connection between undergraduates embarking on graduate school applications and exploring post-grad opportunities, with current graduate students who have recently completed the process and can provide support and guidance.
  2. Demystify the graduate school application and selection process
  3. Create a support system for gender marginalized students in STEM to alleviate stressors related to being a member of an underrepresented population in their respective fields.

For more information contact our WCC STEM Coordinator, Alana Mermin-Bunnell or our WCC STEM Graduate Program Coordinator, Aliyah Smith.


WCC STEM Annual Symposium 

This annual symposium is an annual event that brings students majoring in STEM. The program is designed to empower gender marginalized students in the STEM majors and discuss the issues for gender marginalized folks in these careers. This program is usually  2 to 3 hours and consists of speaker series and multiple workshops to help the students navigate their skills in the issues that they might run into while following a career in STEM. 

The goals of this program are:

  1. Create a platform for gender marginalized students in STEM to network and connect.
  2. Help the students how to overcome the discriminations against gender marginalized students in engineering and science careers. 


Spotlight on Women in STEM at Stanford University

video celebrating women in sciences created by Greeshma Somashekar for the WCC.


Undergraduate Engineering Handbook

This is a great resource for students majoring in any engineering field! It includes detailed four year plans for each of the engineering majors, and it is frequently updated with news about changes to fundamental courses like Introductory Chemistry and the first year CME sequence.