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White Checkered Crumpled Paper Background. Credit: tomograf / iStock + WCC logo in black

WCC Logo

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Logo Inspiration & Symbolism

The WCC’s logo reflects the inclusive and ever-evolving nature of our work, where community, growth, and impact are paramount. The use of the fern and fiddlehead is inspired by the concept of fractals in adrienne maree brown's Emergent Strategies (brown’s framework builds upon the important work of Octavia Butler, Angela Davis, Maya Angelou, Grace Lee Boggs and many more): that which happens at a small scale will also manifest in the large scale. It is an symbol that demonstrates how patterns of growth, change, and connection to our roots can be found in the natural world, and the nature of our work. The intentional work that happens at the WCC unfurls out and impacts the campus, and the world, around us.

2023-24 Neighborhood Decorative Accent Line


More About the WCC Logo

Ferns and fiddleheads hold positive significance in cultures all over the world. Ferns can symbolize peace, hope, and endurance; some fiddleheads are used for nourishment and have healing properties. In the WCC logo, the fern represents groundedness and a collaborative, supportive community, and the circular fiddlehead at the top of the fern represents the dynamic process of growth, learning, and awakening to opportunity.

The WCC logo is displayed in four colors, representing the four seasons. The colors and imagery were all inspired by the student-made murals and artwork that have defined the WCC space for many years. Versions of the logo may include the WCC’s pillars (scholarship, leadership, activism) and focus areas (gender, equity, identity, justice). Examples of the logos in the four colors may be found below. 

2023-24 Neighborhood Decorative Accent Line

“From its own fetal curves, green fiddleheads produce ancient spiral formations. The fiddleheads teach me to unfurl my own lineage & experience patterns - examine them, be with them, and listen to their messages.”-quote by Marie Varghese, excerpted from adrienne maree brown’s book Emergent Strategy

White Checkered Crumpled Paper Background. Credit: tomograf / iStock