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Students with the WCC library.

Feminist Library at the WCC

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Welcome to our WCC Multimedia Library! Our library is always growing. Our vision is to build a library that includes a variety of mediums anyone can engage with: books, articles, podcasts, youtube videos, films, poetry, photography, and much more. Topics can vary; we want to build a collection of resources that discuss different forms of intersectional feminism. However, we encourage you to submit stuff that you find interesting among other topics as well.

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WCC In-Person Library

The WCC in-person library houses many of the literary works listed in our multimedia library catalog. You can see if they are available for check out, and access all of our online multimedia library using the button below. 

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We would also love to hear from you about what you want to see in our library! Submit your suggestions to our google form.

Important Links

Catalog Guide: How to Look for a Resource

  1. Go to the Resource List subpage
  2. Click the magnifying glass on the top right and type something specific. For example, if you type “queer”, any resource with the word queer in the description, title, tag, or any other category – will come up. 
  3. You can also click Filter on the top right to choose a specific category / categories you want to filter by. For example, you can filter by the genre, and choose “History” then all history resources will come up. Within each category, you can also filter with “contains” or “does not contain”. For example, if you want resources that do not contain the status “Online”, or contain the topic of “motherhood”; or do not contain the medium of “book”, but contain the topic of “social movements”.
  4. You can add as many filters as you’d like, and do step 3 with any category you filter. 
  5. Same instructions apply to the Authors subpage.

WCC Multimedia Library on Notion

Access our WCC Multimedia Library on Notion

Can't find what you're looking for? 

Submit a library resource suggestion

Colorful stacked books. Credit: Iana Miroshnichenko / iStock