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Welcome to the Women's Community Center

Come check out our NEW WCC ONLINE website and follow us on Instagram where you can find the most up to date info, opportunities, and resources from the Stanford Women's Community Center!

Come visit the WCC on the first floor of the Fire Truck House and check out...
    •    Comfy couches & big community tables – great spots to study or hang out
    •    “Of Course I’m a Feminist” stickers (sparkly, rainbow, or black & white)
    •    Programming & events (or sign up for our mailing list, which includes our weekly "Femtastic Friday" email)
    •    Self-Care and Contemplation Space & feminist library
    •    Free tea/hot cocoa, water, and healthy snacks
    •    Info about the 40+ women's student organizations on campus

. . . and more!

Can't visit the space? Check out our Feminist Voices Podcast, our Feminist Narratives Zine, and our Femtastic Blog from anywhere in the world!

We welcome those of all genders, identities, and backgrounds.

Our Mission

The Women's Community Center exists to facilitate growth and engagement for Stanford students around issues of gender, equity, identity, and justice.

We do this by building community and providing innovative opportunities to explore scholarship, leadership, and activism.

Our approach is inclusive, intersectional, and welcoming of people of any background or level of prior engagement with these issues.

More about the WCC