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WCC Student Interns

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2023-24 WCC Student Interns

Amber Leung, Environmental Justice Intern

Hi! My name is Amber (she/her) and I'm the Environmental Justice intern this year. I'm a freshman from Vancouver, Canada, and I'm thinking of majoring in mechanical engineering/design with a minor in public policy. I'm really passionate about grassroots organizing, climate action, and civic engagement. In my free time, I love to thrift, impulsively go to concerts, and read about activism. I'm beyond excited to join the WCC's community and to contribute to climate justice and collective care initiatives on campus!

Andrea De La Cruz, Community Engagement/Sib Fam Intern

Hola! I'm Andrea De La Cruz's (she/her), a first-generation Latina, proudly Straight Outta Compton 🌴. I'm currently a sophomore, potentially majoring in Public Policy with a minor in International Relations. I'm thrilled to be interning for the Community Engagement/SibFam program at the WCC. I'm passionate about empowering marginalized identities, advocating for economic justice, and promoting equal access to education. In my free time, I love to play Nintendo games like Pokémon, Splatoon, and Mario Kart. I also enjoy baking, shopping, traveling, and indulging in Netflix shows. Feel free to reach out! 

Chavi Coy, Communications Intern

Hi everyone!! My name is Chavi Coy and I use she/her pronouns. I’m currently a sophomore, class of 2026, and am mentoring under Shreya Mehta as the communications intern!! When I’m not stressing out about whether to major in international relations or public policy, I like to read and watch adult animation.I'm a self-described rebel with a cause with my causes being decolonizing economics and feminism, pursuing journalism in the context of social movements, and using exclamation marks/emojis in professional settings ☺️. I can't wait to foster my friendships with everyone in the team and grow in a close-knit community.

Dominique Ruedaflores , Health and Wellness Intern

Hi! My name is Dominique Ruedaflores and I’m a sophomore, planning to major in Public Policy and minor in Psychology. I’m from Los Angeles, California, and am beyond thrilled to serve as this year’s Health and Wellness Intern, excited to emphasize the decolonization of self-care practices. I am passionate about mental health advocacy, global health issues, and education equity. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, rugby, reading, thrifting, and cooking with my family. Overall, I am looking forward to working with a diligent and intelligent community of women who are passionate about social justice, gender equity, and putting forth our greatest efforts in generating positive change to the greater Stanford community.

Mu Hsi, WCC STEM Intern

Mu Hsi (she/her) is a sophomore majoring in International Relations and minoring in Human Rights. She is interning under the Collective Liberation Series. She loves to take long walks, listen to music, and try out new restaurants to eat with friends. 

Tenzin Werner, Collective Liberation Series Intern

 My name is Tenzin Werner (she/her) and I'm part of Stanford's class of 2027. I plan on majoring in International Relations with a minor in Spanish or Symbolic Systems!  In my free time, however, I love to cook vegetarian food and study history. This year, I am interning as a Collective Liberations Intern for the Women's Community Center. I am so excited to work with everyone and make new connections in this super welcoming space!

 Tejaswi Poudel, Archives & Social Media Intern

Hi everyone! My name is Tejaswi Poudel (she/her) and I’m the intern for the WCC's Archives & Social Media. This is my first year at Stanford, and I’m undecided, but I’m interested in technology, biology, and everything in between. I love to read books, binge TV shows, eat good food, and try to cook! I’m from Modesto, California which is in the Central Valley. I love being a part of the WCC and I am so excited for this upcoming year!

Zola Ortiz, Feminist Narratives Intern

Zola Ortiz (She/Her) is a Stanford University freshman studying Anthropology and Native American studies. She is a proud member of the Comanche Nation, and she is also Kiowa, Caddo, Acoma Pueblo, and  Diné. She is currently serving as a Feminist Narratives intern at the Stanford Women’s Community Center. She currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and enjoys working towards helping advocate for Native American people. Her interest in Native American advocacy stems from her family’s emphasis on giving back to Indigenous people and to the land. Upon completing her undergraduate studies, she intends to attend law school where she will continue to advocate for Native people’s rights and work with Native communities and organizations. In her free time, she loves to crochet and spend time with her family and friends!