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WCC Space & Reservations

Scroll down for additional photos of the WCC.

About the WCC Space

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to safety issues around COVID-19, the physical space of the WCC is temporarily CLOSED. However, you can continue to engage with WCC Community by checking out our *NEW* WCC ONLINE site!*

The Women's Community Center is located at 433 Santa Teresa Street, on the first floor of the Fire Truck House.

Our space is comprised of the following (scroll down for photos):

  • Main Lounge: Includes two very comfortable sofas and four arm chairs, as well as a coffee table & end tables. We have an additional 40 stackable chairs that can be arranged to meet your needs. This area may be reserved but is not a private area. If you need quiet or privacy, we suggest you consider our conference room. Check Main Lounge availability.
  • Conference Room: Our conference room seats 16 people around a large conference room table. The room includes a dry erase board. This room may be reserved. Check Conference Room availability.
  • Computer Cluster: Includes two computers for student use and plenty of work room for students to bring laptops. Sorry, no printing is available.
  • Library Nook: We have a small library, open to students, and four comfortable chairs and a coffee table. A great space for a small study group, or just a place to get some homework done.

How to Reserve WCC Space

The Main Lounge and the Conference Room may be reserved by current Stanford students, staff, or faculty for programs, events, meetings, etc.

Before you make your reservation request, check the calendars to ensure the space is available:

To make a reservation request, fill out the WCC Space Reservations Request Form with the following information:

  • Your name, phone number, and email address
  • Name of your organization
  • Whether you would like to reserve the Main Lounge or Conference Room
  • Event name
  • Event date and beginning & ending time (plus set-up time and clean-up time, if necessary)
  • Event description (including expected number of attendees)

Our staff will process reservation requests on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that your reservation is not confirmed until you receive an email from You may also email us with questions.

ContactQueer Student Resources toreserve the 2nd floor of the Fire Truck House.

Guidelines for Reserving WCC Space

  1. The WCC space is free to the Stanford University community. Per university policy, only Stanford affiliates (students, staff, faculty) may reserve space in the WCC. All who utilize the space are expected to follow the Stanford Fundamental Standard.
  2. WCC events have first priority. Should the center need the space, it reserves the right to cancel a reservation. WCC staff will make every effort to give sufficient notice and relocate the group.
  3. Affiliated Women's Voluntary Student Organizations (WVSOs) receive priority reservations. (Affiliated WVSOs attend the quarterly WVSO leader meetings and actively participate in the planning and coordination of WCC activities.)
  4. No reservations for events will be taken a quarter ahead unless it is a special event of some kind (e.g., a big speaker is coming and our group wants to do a workshop in the Women's Community Center).
  5. All groups are responsible for cleaning up after their events. This means disposing of all food and other items, sweeping the floors if necessary, and returning furniture to the appropriate locations. Any group who does not sufficiently clean after their event will be charged a cleaning fee.
  6. Groups may not charge an entrance fee for attendance or participation at any event held in the Women's Community Center space. There are other designated areas on campus where you may charge a fee for an event, such as Tresidder Memorial Union. Charging a fee is grounds for forfeiting your reservation.
  7. Events held at the WCC may not be closed. The WCC is a community space, and as such, must be available to all students. In addition, elevator accessibility to the second floor is available through the WCC Main Lounge, and must be available to anyone needing access, even during events.
  8. The WCC space may not be used for overnight stays or storage of personal belongings.


Questions? Please let us know!


Photos of the WCC Main Lounge:


Photos of the WCC Conference Room: