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Community Engagement Program

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New Student Orientation (NSO)
Welcome to the Community Engagement program! One of the core focuses of the WCC is to welcome folks in, build community, and promote collective engagement among gender marginalized students in the Stanford Community and our Community Engagement Program exists to do just that! Within the program, we facilitate community engagement with various social events held throughout the year, we welcome new faces into the WCC community each year with our New Student Orientation (NSO) events, and work to facilitate chosen familial bonds through our new Sib Fam program. 

Given the unprecedented and tumultuous times that we are have experienced around COVID-19, the continuous fight against white supremacy and patriarchy, and our struggle to stay connected, present, and engaged in an increasingly socially distanced world, the WCC is dedicated first and foremost to cultivating a virtual space of resistance, collective healing, and social engagement.

 If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the WCC Community Engagement Program, please reach out to Rawley Clark.

WCC Library and Digital Literary Archive

Our lovely NSO-CoCoCo (NSO and Co-Community Coordinator) and Community Intern in front of the WCC Library in Fall 2019.

The WCC Library/Literary Archive exists, both physically in the WCC AND virtually on our site, to serve as a space that facilitates the intellectual growth and engagement and nurtures the literary journey of radical and transformative self-discovery, mindfulness, and social consciousness. The WCC believes in the power of honoring and uplifting the shared knowledge, lived experiences, and narratives of gender marginalized folks by facilitating communal sharing of knowledge and promoting literary and artistic expression.

Therefore, we welcome you to browse the amazing resources, art, and literary works created by incredible activists, artists, scholars, writers, and community members!

Although the physical space of the WCC is currently closed, you can access a wide range of resources including papers, articles, videos, podcasts, etc. compiled by the WCC staff by visiting our Resources page.

There, you can learn more about gender equity, community care, and collective liberation!

Our awesome Co-Co-Co team (co-Community Coordinators, Intern, and Assistant Director), hosting a Community Lunch in Fall 2019