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Survivor Love Letter Project

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 (All day)
Harmony House

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April 1-April 10, 2019 at the Harmony House

The #SurvivorLoveLetter mural is a physical prayer to remind every survivor that not only are you believed, not only are you supported; you are loved. This project was started by artist Tani Ikeda as a way to share messages of self-love and to honor survivors of sexual assault, while facilitating conversation about how survivors are healing themselves and their communities. From April 1-April 10th, queer artists of color from the Survivor Love Letter Project, Jessica Sabogal and Tani Ikeda, will be in residence with IDA to facilitate the co-creation of a public mural honoring survivors and their healing practices. #SurvivorLoveLetter is in partnership with the Stanford SARA Office, Women's Community Center, and Queer Student Resources.

Monday, April 1

Survivor Love Letter Writing & Portrait Workshop7:00pm-9:00pm, Harmony House

As the artists embark on their work, Tani Ikeda will host a community Survivor Love Letter Writing Workshop. Survivors will be invited to write love letters to themselves, centering topics of self care and healing practices. Dessert and hot chocolate will be provided, and support from Stanford’s Confidential Support Team will be available to all participants.

Wednesday, April 3

IDA Spring Class "Long Live Our 4Billion Year Old Mother: black feminist praxis, indigenous resistance, and cultures of queer possibility" Beyond Sanctioned Survival6:30pm-8:20pm, Levinthal Hall, Stanford Humanities CenterHow can art facilitate a culture that values women, mothers, transfolks, caregivers, girls, femmes? How can we move beyond criminalized survival into new forms of community responses to violence and harm? Join us in conversation with Dr. Jakeya Caruthers and artists from the Survivor Love Letter Project as part of IDA's annual Spring Class, CSRE 39 / AFRICAAM 39 NATIVEAM 39 / FEMGEN 39.

Thursday, April 4

Black Women Dreaming with Amara Tabor Smith12:00-1:20pm, Harmony House   

“Black Women Dreaming” is a ritual of black women and femmes sleeping, resting, and dreaming at the Harmony House. It is a part of IDA Artist-in-Residence Amara Tabor Smith’s two-year, multi-site performance project titled, “House/Full of Blackwomen." Black women and femmes of all gender expressions/experiences are invited to rest.

Wednesday, April 10

Unveiling Celebration12:00pm-2:00pm, Harmony House

We will gather for the unveiling of our community mural, created by the Survivor Love Letter Team. We invite all to come celebrate through music, food, and community.

Event Sponsor: 
Queer Student Resources, Institute for Diversity in the Arts (IDA), SARA Office, Women's Community Center, Confidential Support Team
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