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Feminist Narratives

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The Feminist Narratives project seeks to uplift feminist voices and experiences across backgrounds and disciplines, at Stanford and beyond. Recently, the Feminist Narratives podcast has produced the Feminist Voices podcast and a Feminist Narratives Zine. Scroll down to learn more!

Meet Your Feminist Narratives Coordinators!

Join Baylee and Mikah for a live episode of the Feminist Voices podcast on Thursday, October 22nd from 7-8 PST. RSVP HERE

We'll be chatting with each other, ranting about things we love and things we hate, and taking questions from the audience. Come through to get to know us, the WCC, and our community. It's a relaxed event, so feel free to tune in while you wash dishes or whatever you do while you listen to podcasts. We hope to see you there!

RSVP here:

Feminist Voices Podcast

The Feminist Voices podcast, a project of the WCC Feminist Narratives Project, seeks to amplify, share, learn, and educate listeners about stories of feminist resistance and innovation through the podcast medium.

Check out Feminist Voices on SoundCloud!

Season 4: 2019-2020

Feminist Narratives Coordinators: Rawley Clark & Baylee Basila

Episode 1: Mea (click to listen)

Episode 2: Kimiko (click to listen)

Season 3: 2018-2019

Feminist Narratives Coordinators: Audrey Huynh & Rawley Clark

Episode 1: Gender Noncomformity at Stanford (click to listen)

Episode 2: Women's March 2019 (click to listen)

Season 2: 2017-2018

Feminist Narratives Coordinators: Taylor Crutison & Lillian Bornstein

Episode 1: Dr. Kaila Story, Dr. Treva Lindsey, and Dr. Brittney Cooper (click to listen)

Episode 2: Lisa Rowland (click to listen)

Episode 3: Gigi Otálvaro-Hormillosa (click to listen)

Season 1: 2016-2017

Feminist Narratives Coordinators: Mysia Anderson & Nya Hughes

Episode 1: A-lan Holt (click to listen)

Episode 2: Evelyn Anderson (click to listen)

Episode 3: Three Unicorns (click to listen)

Episode 4: Dr. Jeanine Staples (click to listen)

Episode 5: Amara Tabor-Smith (click to listen)

Feminist Narratives Zine

The Feminist Narratives Zine was created in Winter 2018 as an archive of writing and art that encompasses some of the variegated feminist narratives that exist in this time, in this space. The creators of the zine hope the love, creativity, and community that are in the pages of this zine can bring you as much joy and resilience as they’ve brought us.

Click here to read the Feminist Narratives Zine.

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