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Stanford Alumni Women's Impact Network

The Stanford Alumni Women's Impact Network (WIN) connects the dynamic experiences of social-justice oriented Stanford alumni and affiliates to shift dialogue and impact change. This network provides a community of learning, opportunities for continued personal development, and avenues for engagement for feminist students & alumni across the globe. The Stanford Alumni Women's Impact Network was formerly known as the WCC Friends and Alumni Network (FAN). 

Stanford Alumni WIN recently became a registered alumni group through the Stanford Alumni Association, and we encourage alumni to click here to join WIN on the SAA website.

You can learn more about Stanford Alumni WIN and find out ways to get involved by visiting the WIN website.


Upcoming events:

2nd Annual Stanford Women's Impact Retreat

Saturday, May 7, 2016 from 9:30am - 5:00pm

Private home in Cupertino, CA


​The Stanford Alumni Women’s Impact Network (WIN) and the Stanford Women's Community Center (WCC) are excited to invite you to the second annual Stanford Women's Impact Retreat! 

During this fun and interactive daylong retreat, you will gain new tools, inspiration, and resources to help you pursue your passion for social impact with a renewed sense of purpose and direction. 

Facilitated by The Passion Co., this year’s highly-anticipated program will provide the space to dig deep into what is meaningful to you, reflect on barriers to achieving your goals, and take steps to turn your passion into a concrete project. Along the way, you’ll connect with a community of extraordinary Stanford women who care about making a meaningful impact in the world around them. You’ll end the day with an empowering YesPlus self-care training on meditation and yoga techniques that will help you feel good while you’re doing good.

We welcome all Stanford alumnae and students interested in social impact and/or gender equity to join us and connect for this retreat! Space is limited, so please register early to secure your spot. This retreat is sponsored by the Stanford Alumni Women's Impact Network (WIN). Join the official SAA club here to learn about all WIN events!

For more information, please visit our website or contact