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WCC Student Staff

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2020-21 WCC Student Staff

Alex Nam (she/her), Pathways Coordinator

Hi! My name is Alex. I use she/her pronouns and I'm a senior studying Computer Science and minoring in Math. I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea and spent a few years in Shanghai, China before coming to Stanford. This is my fourth year staffing at the WCC and I'm super excited to be serving as the Pathways Coordinator this year. WCC has been one of the most significant part of my Stanford experience and also a place I call home on campus, so I'm happy to chat about anything from what we do and what this community means for me to different ways you can get involved. I'm curious about researching how artificial intelligence can help humans make better decisions in the face of uncertainty and enjoy hiking, going on a peaceful stroll, meditation, and trying different matcha desserts.

Baylee Basila (she/her), Co-Feminist Narratives Coordinator

Hey folks, my name is Baylee (she/her) and this is my second year as a Feminist Narratives coordinator! I'm a gap year senior majoring in American Studies and currently working on an honor's thesis about queer women of color in the 1950s and 60s US. I am passionate about decolonizing knowledge- which looks like interrogating everything from the linearity of time to the exaggerated value of the written word and college degrees. I'm also a big history nerd and I am looking to become an archivist or librarian- for queer people of color ideally. I'm pretty into tarot and astrology, and I'm newly confident in my music taste, so hmu about any of the above!


Celina Malavé (she/her), Graduate Programs Coordinator

Hi! I'm Celina Malavé (she/her) and one of the Graduate Coordinators this year. Currently, I'm a second year student at Stanford Law School and have been involved in the Black Law Student Association. In general, I'm interested in the intersection of ethics, religion, policy, racial and reproductive justice, medicine, and the law. Pre-law school, I grew up in a big afro-latinx family in College Station, Texas. I then did my undergraduate at Stanford in bioengineering and religious studies. Afterwards, I completed a masters in bioethics at Columbia University while working at a small biopharmaceutical company in NYC. I look forward to serving grad students this year and helping to build community across graduate programs and during such a wild time we are living through. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can best serve you!


Claire Dauge-Roth (she/her), Feminist Discussions Coordinator

Claire (she/her) is a senior studying Comparative Literature and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality studies. She took junior year abroad in New York and Paris (always down to chat about this) and is now living in Brooklyn doing Zoom Uni. She’s passionate about art and culture’s role in shaping political movements and how art can be utilized as a medium to tell truths in what feels like a post-factual world. You can find her reading, talking masked walks around the neighborhood, laying in the crisp fall sun, and drinking tea. She also has too many photos in her camera roll.


Claudia Nmai (she/her), NSO/Co-Community Coordinator (CoCoCo) 

Hi everyone! My name is Claudia Nmai (she/her), and I’m the NSO/Co-Community Coordinator this year! I’m a sophomore, from outside Cleveland, Ohio, majoring in Sociology and possibly minoring in Human Biology. The WCC is truly such an amazing space and community, and I am so grateful to be on staff this year! I’m really passionate about Black feminism and how best I can support Black gender-marginalized folk, both at Stanford and beyond. My interests are centered around how racial justice, gender equity, and decolonization informs true liberation. Outside of the WCC, I enjoy spending time with the Stanford Ghanaian student group, baking, crocheting, and simply drinking tea and relaxing!


Isa Calero Forero (she/they), Sib Fam/Co-Community Coordinator (CoCoCo) 

Hi Everyone! My name is Isa (she/they), and I am the WCC's Sib Fam/Community Coordinator! I am so excited to be part of the WCC this year, it is definitely one of the highlights of this very unusual year. In this role, I hope to help create the inclusive, warm and welcoming environment that made me want to intern at the WCC last year, and work here this year. Some things about me: I am an international student from Ecuador and Colombia, I am vegetarian, and I love fruit earrings (my cherry earrings are pictured here). My (most likely, but still undeclared) major is International Relations, but I also am thinking of getting a minor in modern languages, data science, or creative writing (clearly still have some deciding to do). I am very passionate about intersectionality, media representation, and any topic related to the social, political and economic development of the Global South. I also love creative writing, dancing, and learning languages. I look forward to being in community with all of you!


Jenna Jung (she/her), Summit Coordinator

Hi! I'm Jenna (she/her), a junior at Stanford studying MS&E. I am a Korean-American from NYC, and I am this year's Gender Equity and Justice Summit Coordinator. Some of my favorite things to do are drawing, walking through the city, and people watching. I have a lot of love for my home town and my family. I'm still very much in the middle of figuring it all out with you all, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the year at the WCC!


Leya Elias (any and all pronouns), Health & Wellness Coordinator ​

Hi y'all, my name is Leya Elias (any and all pronouns) and I am a senior from San Francisco, CA. I'm majoring in Psychology with a minor in African and African American Studies. I am also the Health and Wellness coordinator and am really interested in exploring health as resistance and a path to liberation for gender marginalized people, especially Black and/or Indigenous gender marginalized people. I'm passionate about being a good big sister, serving Black indigenous communities globally, and music. I am so excited to be a staff member alongside this amazing staff, and to meet all of you throughout this upcoming year! :)


Melissa Rivera(she/her, they/them), Intern Coordinator

My name is Melissa. I am a senior studying Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity and this year I am the Intern Coordinator for the WCC. I am deeply interested in crimmigation and the ways in which marginalized folks reimagine and create new futures for themselves. I enjoy reading poetry, learning about plants, and learning about the resistance and beauty of gender-marginalized folks.

Mikah Sanchez (they/them preferred, he/him/elle/él en español), Feminist Narratives Coordinator

Hey friends! My name is Mikah (they/them/él) and this year I’m a co-coordinator for the WCC’s Feminist Narratives program! I’m a sophomore majoring in Feminist Gender & Sexuality Studies, with a minor in Poverty Inequality & Policy (I apparently enjoy sets of three’s). I’m passionate about storytelling, decolonizing education, and advocacy for queer and trans youth in communities of color (see what I told you about the three’s?). If you ever want to talk about queer history, horror movies, punk music, or Broadway musicals (aka more queer history) hit me up! I’m ecstatic to navigate the chaos of this year with the amazing WCC staff and our equally amazing community. ¡Mucho amor!

Monica Pena Aguilar (she/her), Communications Coordinator

Hey everyone! My name is Monica (she/her) and I’m a Sophomore majoring in Human Biology. I’m super passionate about expanding access to healthcare, uplifting marginalized voices, and closing the wage gap! I’m so excited to be the Communications Coordinator this year!


Nivi Ahlawat (she/her), Graduate Programs Coordinator

Hi! My name is Nivi Ahlawat (she/her/hers) and I am a second year Masters Student in Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling. I am so excited to be one of the Graduate Coordinators of the Women's Community Center this year! I'm interested in the intersection of genetics and identity, increasing access to equitable reproductive healthcare, and promoting creative and authentic self-expression. I'm also really passionate about mindfulness and mental health, wildlife photography, skiing, surfing, volleyball, Italian food, and stand-up comedy. I am looking forward to being in community with you!


Tessa Lisanti (she/her), Women in STEM Coordinator

Hello everyone! My name is Tessa (she/her) and I am the Women in STEM coordinator this year. I am a senior and coterm student in Computer Science with a minor in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Although I love coding, I am passionate about dismantling and interrogating the world of tech and its impacts on womxn and the most marginalized folks in our country. I am also invested in changing the way we talk about mental health and increasing access to positive mental health care for queer folks and women. Outside of the WCC, I enjoy coffee at any time of day, long walks on sunny days, and learning new songs on guitar.