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WCC Programs

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The WCC offers a variety of different programs, each coordinatored by a student staff member. 

Community Engagement Program: The Community Engagement program creates events and opportunities centered around facilitating social connection within the WCC community. The program also oversees the WCC's participation in NSO as well as the new WCC Sib Fam Program. 

Communications and Digital Media Program: The Communications Program manages, updates, and develops content for the WCC’s external presence, including social media, Femtastic Friday emails, and the Femtastic blog.

Feminist Discussions Program: Feminist Discussions Program creates space for students to gather in an informal environment to discuss topics relating to feminism, social justice, and current events.

Feminist Narratives Program: The Feminist Narratives Program uplifts feminist voices and experiences across backgrounds and disciplines, at Stanford and beyond.

Graduate Program:  The Graduate Program supports the feminist graduate community and those interested in gender equity on campus.

Health & Wellness Program: The Health & Wellness Program supports and encourages student health and wellbeing, mentally and physically.

Pathways Program: The Pathways Program helps students explore academic pathways and develop skills to enhance academic success as well as help students explore post-graduation opportunities, build skills necessary for success, and develop mentorship relationships.

Intern Program: The NSO & Intern Program welcomes incoming students during New Student Orientation, and spearheads efforts to recruit, train, and engage volunteer interns to support the work of the WCC.

Gender, Equity, and Justice Summit: Formerly known as The Stanford Women’s Leadership Conference, The Gender, Equity, and Justice Summit is a day-long conference that celebrates gender marginalized leaders, activists, artists, andd thinkers from around the world and provides Stanford students with actionable tools to enhance their leadership.

Women in STEM Program: The Women in STEM Program supports students in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in academic and professional pursuits at Stanford and beyond.

WVSO and Leadership Program: The WVSO and Leadership Program connects Women’s Voluntary Student Organizations (WVSOs) with the WCC for skill building, leadership development, and resource sharing. This program also oversees the implementation of the Collective Liberation Series.